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Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) is defined as irregularities of the skin that show symptoms of rough, scaly patches of skin that bleed easily if disturbed. Many individuals may confuse the skin patches with warts, but if they bleed easily when touched or bumped, you need to make an appointment with Dr. Stiff, your West Bloomfield dermatology expert. SCCs can manifest themselves as constant, scaly red patches of skin that are irregularly defined. The growth may be elevated and have a depression in its midst that bleeds from time to time. This skin irregularity may also grow rapidly.

Dermatologist West Bloomfield MI

Another indication of SCC is an open sore or wart-like growth that will not heal. The sore may crust or bleed for weeks on end. Any of these issues need to be addressed by a dermatologist. West Bloomfield MI residents who want the best visit Dr. Stiff at the Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan. We have the latest methodologies to help our patients heal quickly and with minimal scarring.

Dermatologist In West Bloomfield MI

Dr. Stiff, your dermatologist in West Bloomfield MI, may suggest Mohs Micrographic Surgery as the answer to your SCC. Using a scalpel or curette, he will carefully remove the SCC along with a thin layer of tissue surrounding the tumor. The tumor will be examined to determine if the areas around the tumor pose a threat. If they do, Dr. Stiff will remove more tissue until the threat has been completely removed and all tissue examined under the microscope is tumor-free.

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