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Skin Care Tip: Bell Peppers Deliver Vitamin C To Your Skin

October 16, 2012

We as consumers buy a lot of products designed to supposedly make our skin look amazing, younger, and free of wrinkles and blemishes. What many of us may not realize is that we have a lot of control over our skin when it comes to what we put in our mouths. Diet is key to having fresh-looking skin, and it can be as simple as making sure you are consuming lots of vitamins and drinking plenty of water. However, some foods are better than others when it comes to our skin and it may be helpful to know what some of those foods are.

Skin care specialists say that bell peppers are one of the best things a person can consume. Green, red, yellow or orange, any type of bell pepper will deliver a boost of vitamin C, which assists in the production of collagen. This vitamin also protects skin cells from being damaged.

Another beneficial food are berries. Berries are good for us for many reasons, but mainly because they contain antioxidants. These cancer-fighting agents also protect skin cells from being damaged by free radicals. If you’re looking for berries that contain ultra-high levels of antioxidants, aim for blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. Skin care experts also say that research has proven that antioxidants decrease the likeliness of ultraviolet (UV) damage to the skin. On top of all their beneficial properties, berries are absolutely delicious and serve as a healthy and nutritious treat!

If you’re interested in more foods that can benefit your skin, talk to your dermatologist. He or she will have an endless list of foods that can help boost the immunity and integrity of your skin, and I’m sure some foods to avoid as well!

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