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Reduce Stress & Eat Better for Improved Skin Care

September 18, 2012

As a society, we are becoming more and more aware of bad habits that have a negative impact on our skin. Everything from the food we eat, our daily routines and how much time we spend outdoors can have an effect on how old or young we look. Here are a couple of easy ways to keep your skin protected as suggested by skin care experts.


Your diet plays a large part in your overall health, including that of your skin. What we put in our bodies not only affects how we feel in general, but how we look as well. A well-rounded diet of fruits, veggies, lean proteins, whole grains and plenty of vitamins and minerals will reflect well on your face. For teenagers especially, their diet may play a part on the development of acne, although the connection between food and blemishes isn’t exactly clear.


Stress is another factor in our daily lives that can affect every aspect of our routine, including sleep, diet and behavior. Believe it or not, stress can also affect our skin. People prone to stress may experience frequent breakouts and other skin issues such as cold sores. Remember that too much stress is taxing on the immune system, so if we aren’t taking time to relax and unwind, everything has the potential to go wrong. Stress can make you look tired and weary, so it pays to take a time out in your life and smell the roses so to speak. Your entire body will thank you for it.


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