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Give Up Cigarettes for Better Skin Health

August 10, 2012

Many factors can affect the healthiness of our skin. Some of them are no-brainers such as sun exposure, but others may not be as obvious, according to skin care professionals. Smoking is one of the triggers of rapid aging. Not only does it cause wrinkles and other skin problems, but it damages many important components that keep our skin young-looking.

Smoking is bad for your health, period. There really isn’t one aspect of your health and well-being that isn’t going to be negatively affected by smoking. Not only will the inside of your body be poisoned by carcinogens and other chemicals inhaled while smoking, but the exterior of your body will be negatively impacted as well, including your skin. The most ironic aspect about women who smoke is that they may be concerned about their appearance, but don’t realize their nicotine habit is aging them rapidly. The very act of smoking causes lines around the mouth and eyes, making it all too easy to spot a smoker, especially after years of indulging in the habit. Smoking causes blood vessels to narrow in the outer layers of the epidermis, which means less blood flow to the area. Less blood flow means less oxygen and nutrients – everything your skin needs to stay youthful-looking and supple.

Another way smoking harms your skin is by damaging the collagen and elastin in the epidermis. These two affect the elasticity of your skin. As we get older, the elasticity in our skin wears out anyway, causing sagging and the aged look. Smoking speeds up this process, which is why some heavy smokers look much, much older than they really are.

If you’re a smoker, talk to your doctor about find a way to nix the habit. You may be able to consult with a skin care specialist to see if any of the damage is reversible, or at least treatable to stop the aging caused by this bad habit.


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Gina Sanazzi August 13, 2012 at 3:38 pm

thanks for the tip about not smoking and the cause and affect that it has on your skin.


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