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Eating meat is one of the fundamentals of any well-rounded diet. It provides us with protein that helps us build muscles. Lean protein also produces the building blocks for collagen and elastin. These two elements help keep your skin taut and free of wrinkles, the combination of which keeps you looking young and vibrant! The type of lean protein found in turkey also has high levels of zinc and niacin, which help combat inflammatory acne. This way you’ll have youthful skin without the common blemishes of your youth.

Another great meat product to consume for skin care purposes is fish. The high levels of omega-3 fats will fight off inflammation of the skin, which can lead to acne, irritation and premature aging. When the skin becomes inflamed, it will likely become permanently damaged. Furthermore, fish like salmon contain oils that may reduce the symptoms of psoriasis and can even lower your chances of developing non-melanoma skin cancer.

Many people are allergic to shellfish, but if they’re safe for you to eat and you enjoy scallops, shrimp, etc., add more of them to your diet! Not only are they rich in antioxidants which are beneficial to your overall health, but they also contain more omega-3s. Shellfish are also rich in zinc, which as stated above, can help reduce, eliminate or prevent breakouts of acne.

If you would like to learn more about what foods can give you fabulous-looking skin, call your dermatologist today!


Our lifestyles have a direct effect on every aspect of our health. Sometimes we only think about our heart health or maybe even our weight, but we also need to think about our skin just as much as we think about other parts of our bodies. Here are some tips to ensure your lifestyle isn’t having a negative effect on your skin.

Sunlight is good for us. It provides vitamin D and also boots our mental health. However, just like anything else, too much of anything is a bad thing. Sunlight ages our skin, and daily exposure without sufficient protection can cause serious problems. Skin care experts recommend using a lotion that has an SPF of 15 (minimum, but more is better!). This will also protect your skin from developing age spots, wrinkles and other signs of sun damage. And don’t think SPF is just for the summer. It is important to wear SPF in every season.

While SPF is important, keeping your skin hydrated is just as important. Drinking water will keep your entire body healthy by flushing out toxins and will also keep your skin hydrated. After you drink a bottle of water, don’t forget to apply moisturizer. This will keep your skin plum and reduce the appearance of lines and creases.

No one wants wrinkles, but unfortunately unless you’re some kind of freak of nature, you will develop them. Using anti-wrinkle serum will boost your skin’s collagen and help minimize the development of these unwanted lines. Wrinkles and fine lines often develop first around the eyes and mouth, so look for creams designed specifically for these areas. Eye creams applied in the winter should be made of a heavier cream and during the summer all you need is a light gel or serum. Try wearing sunglasses to reduce squinting which often leads to these fine lines.

By choosing positive lifestyles choices that include beneficial skin care practices, you’ll keep your skin looking youthful and healthy for many years to come!


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November 1, 2012

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October 1, 2012

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September 18, 2012

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September 4, 2012

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