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Dermatologist In Southfield MI | Dermatologist In Southfield Michigan | Dermatologist Southfield MI

Dermatologist In Southfield MI

The Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan, P.C. is dedicated to offering local residents the most resourceful, caring and affordable care to our patients who are in need of Mohs reconstructive surgery. Michigan is privileged to have one of the most competent and qualified dermatological surgeons in Dr. Mark A. Stiff. He, along with the staff of the Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan, employs the latest technology and state-of-the art equipment in their skin cancer treatment. By seeking out the best dermatologist in Southfield MI, our patients who have chosen the Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan have experienced the highest cure rates with the best functional and cosmetic results. Skin cancer is a completely treatable ailment and when placed in the hands of a specialist such as Dr. Stiff, has a higher rate of a successful cure.

Dermatologist In Southfield Michigan

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) typically has five warning signs that, if noticed by you or a loved one, need to be explored and tested by Dr. Stiff. Two or more symptoms are usually present at the same time and can often be confused with a noncancerous skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis. This confusion is all the more reason to see your dermatologist in Southfield Michigan. BCC can manifest itself in open sores, reddish patches, waxy bumps or nodules, pink growths and areas of the skin that resemble scars.

Dermatologist Southfield MI

The open sores may bleed, ooze and crust only to heal and re-open. The reddish patches may occur on the shoulders, arms, legs, face or chest and can be crusty and itchy, although they may not cause any irritation at all. The shiny bumps are often confused with moles as they appear very similar and often can only be distinguished by a professional dermatologist. Southfield MI patients who have a pinkish growth may find a crusted indentation in the midst of the growth. The scar-like areas may appear white or yellow and will have borders that are scantily defined. This specific type of skin irritation is particularly important to have checked because it may be indicative of a larger BCC lurking beneath the skin.

Serving: Southeastern Michigan including Southfield, Farmington, West Bloomfield, Detroit, Troy, Livonia, Birmingham, Sterling Heights and surrounding areas.

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