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Dermatologist In Farmington Hills MI

Although Basal Cell Carcinomas (BCC) shouldn’t be taken lightly, they aren’t a cause for extreme panic either. BCCs are one of the most treatable types of skin cancer, especially when handled by a qualified dermatologist in Farmington Hills MI such as Dr. Stiff. The treatment becomes more extensive as the size of the tumor grows, but it rarely metastasizes (spreads) like other cancers to other organs. What is most noticeable about BCC is that it often damages surrounding tissue if not treated in a timely manner, and this damage can be permanent and require cosmetic surgery. However, most BCCs leave behind scars that are cosmetically satisfactory and require little, if any, further cosmetic surgery. Dr. Still may opt for a skin graft for a more improved cosmetic result if the wound is large.

Farmington Dermatologists

Squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) identified in the early stages and quickly removed are more often than not able to be cured and cause minimal damage. However, if the patient does not seek medical attention for the Farmington dermatologists at the Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan, the tumor will ultimately invade underlying tissues and cause disfigurement.

Dermatologist Farmington Hills MI

If not immediately examined by a dermatologist, Farmington Hills MI residents with SCC may find the tumor has metastasized to other tissues and organs. Although this only occurs in a small percentage of cases, unchecked SCC can become fatal. For that reason, any suspicious growth should be examined without delay by Dr. Stiff of the Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan.

Farmington Dermatology

If you suspect you have SCC, a tissue sample (biopsy) will be taken by the Farmington dermatology staff and examined under a microscope to determine what, if any, tumor cells are present. If SCC is detected, Dr. Still will discuss a treatment regimen with you.

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