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Dermatologist In Detroit MI | Dermatologist Detroit MI | Detroit Dermatologist | Dermatologists In Detroit

Dermatologist In Detroit MI

Mohs Micrographic Surgery ensures the largest amount of healthy tissue will be saved. By visiting your dermatologist in Detroit MI at the Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan and opting for Mohs, you will reduce the chance of tumor reappearance and give yourself the best possibility of an overall cure. Mohs’ cure rate is between 94 and 99 percent, higher than any other treatment option.

Dermatologist Detroit MI

Even if you’ve never had any problems with skin cancer, it is imperative that everyone take time out of his or her life to complete a self examination. This will ensure there aren’t any irregularities present on the skin. Patients can visit the Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan for an examination from our dermatologist. Detroit MI residents who wish to have the information for future use can also attain this at our office. We will give you a guide to help you administer a self exam using the rules of ABCDE.

Detroit Dermatologist

If you choose to visit indoor tanning salons, you should make it a habit to visit your Detroit dermatologist regularly for examinations. Many people are not aware of the extreme risks associated with indoor tanning. Just four visits per year can increase your risk of skin cancer by as much as 15 percent. The UV rays are carcinogenic and are on the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s list of “the most dangerous cancer-causing substances.”

Dermatologists In Detroit

Dermatologists in Detroit often receive patients who are avid patrons of indoor tanning booths. Each year in the United States, nearly 30 million people tan indoors with 71 percent of those individuals being women ages 16 to 29. These people are increasing their likeliness to develop melanoma by 74 percent than those individuals who have not patronized an indoor tanning salon.

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