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Dermatologist Royal Oak MI

It is estimated that five percent of the population will be diagnosed with melanoma, a common form of skin cancer. Specialists estimate that melanoma is attributed to more than 75 percent of all skin cancer-related deaths each year. So what steps can you take to lower your risk of developing melanoma? The easiest way to protect yourself is by limiting or lowering your exposure to ultraviolet rays which are found in natural sunlight as well as indoor tanning beds. If you can, make sure you avoid the outdoors between the peak hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. If you can’t avoid being outside, try to seek shelter in the shade as much as possible and slather yourself with a reliable lotion with a high SPF. Most importantly, visit your dermatologist. Royal Oak MI is proud to have Dr. Stiff and the wonderful staff at the Skin Cancer Center available to keep skin cancer in check!

Royal Oak Dermatology

The Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan is prepared to diagnose and treat all types of skin cancer detected during exams by Dr. Stiff, our experienced Royal Oak dermatology specialist. If you’re looking for a thorough and reliable treatment plan, know that our center is the place to go. Our friendly and compassionate staff is waiting to ease your worries and make sure any skin abnormalities are taken care of immediately with the latest technology and techniques.

Dermatologist In Royal Oak MI

Dr. Stiff, your dermatologist in Royal Oak MI, has become one of the leading Mohs surgeons in Michigan. He earned an undergraduate degree, with honors, from the University of Akron and began his medical studies at The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

Royal Oak Dermatologist

Dr. Stiff has completed three years of intensive general surgical training with an emphasis on plastic surgery at Akron General Medical Center within the Northeastern Ohio College of Medicine system. Soon after, he completed his dermatology residency at Wayne State University. Affiliated with several local hospitals, this Royal Oak dermatologist has published numerous articles concerning his specialty in national publications. His specific interests include skin cancer, dermatologic surgery and laser surgery.

Serving: Southeastern Michigan including Southfield, Farmington, West Bloomfield, Detroit, Troy, Livonia, Birmingham, Sterling Heights and surrounding areas.

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