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Dermatologist Novi MI

If you think you have a spot on your body that could be melanoma, look for the ABCDEs: Asymmetry, Border irregularity, Color Changes, a Diameter more than the size of a pencil eraser and Evolving appearances. If anything looks abnormal, it is crucial that you call your dermatologist. Novi MI residents have been putting their skin cancer concerns in the hands of Dr. Stiff for years!

Dermatologist In Novi Michiga

It is important to check for irregularities on your skin because patients are typically the first to notice melanomas on their own bodies after conducting thorough self examinations. Certain individuals should always be on the lookout for melanoma, including fair-skinned people and those who are constantly exposed to UV rays. If signs of melanoma have been detected, you will need to contact the best dermatologist in Novi Michigan! Dr. Stiff will perform a biopsy. If the results are malignant, the best treatment is Mohs Micrographic Surgery, a specialty of the Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan.

Dermatologist In Novi MI

Dr. Stiff is easily the best dermatologist in Novi MI! His years of experience have given patients the best chance at overcoming skin cancer with minimal scarring and a low chance of recurrence. Call the Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan today to set up an appointment for a full body examination!

Novi Dermatologist

Receiving full body exams is essential for your overall health. The Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan is proud to offer the best Novi dermatologist to administer these exams and make sure you get prompt treatment if any skin cancer scares arise.

Novi Dermatology

The confusion that can lead to thinking a symptom of basal cell carcinoma is a non-threatening skin condition is all the more reason to visit the Skin Cancer Center for a full body exam from our Novi dermatology specialists. Symptoms can manifest in open sores, reddish patches, waxy bumps or nodules, pink growths and areas of the skin that resemble scars.

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