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Brighton Dermatology

Skin cancer can affect anyone of any age or race. Asian and African Americans may not think they are as at risk, but these patients tend to have a greater likeliness to notice the warning signs of melanoma after the disease has progressed. For children, melanoma accounts for three percent of all pediatric cancers. Everyone should get a full body scan at the Skin Cancer Center. We’re leaders in Brighton dermatology!

Dermatologist Brighton MI

When examining your body for blemishes, freckles, moles or other skin changes, it is imperative to call your dermatologist Brighton MI if bleeding or oozing comes from a mole or spot. These symptoms are often indicative of advanced melanoma and should be treated immediately by the Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan.

Dermatologist In Brighton MI

It is essential for everyone, regardless of whether you’ve already had a scare with skin cancer, to examine yourself to make sure there aren’t any irregularities on the skin. Patients can visit the best dermatologist in Brighton MI at the Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan for an examination or information on how to administer a self exam using the rules of ABCDE.

Brighton Dermatologist

Moles can take many shapes and colors. However, if you use the ABCDE rules given to you by your Brighton dermatologist, you may be able to save your own life!

A – Stands for Asymmetry; one half unlike the other half.

B – Stands for Border; irregular, scalloped or poorly defined border.

C – Stands for Color; varied from one area to another; shades of tan and brown, black; sometimes white red, or blue.

D – Stands for Diameter; while melanomas are usually greater than 6 mm (the size of a pencil eraser) when diagnosed, they can be smaller.

E – Stands for Evolving; a mole or skin lesion that looks different from the rest or is changing in size, shape or color.

Dermatologist Brighton

Many people find it difficult to distinguish between a regular, ordinary mole and melanoma. If you have any doubt, you need to be seen by a qualified dermatologist. Brighton residents know that when they want the best, they need to see Dr. Stiff at the Skin Cancer Center of Southeast Michigan!

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